MyPet-Pet Registration

Flow for an Animal Shelter

Project Overview

A mobile responsive Pet registration flow for an animal shelter to easy the registration flow for their customers

More Details

Company: For Google UX Certificate Course

My Role: Lead UX Designer

Device: Mobile App

Duration: 2 Months

Tools: Adobe XD, Whimsical, Google docs

Date: Aug 2021

Web View Prototype LinkMobile View Prototype Link

The Problem

Olaolu is a mobile phone store owner who has 2 dogs who needs To register his dog at a nearby animal shelter online because He is traveling out for some weeks and cant take his dogs with him for some reasons

The goal:

Our website will allow users register their pet and also perform other tasks which will affect the current and potential pet owners by making the registration process seamless even to the less tech savvy. We will measure the effectiveness using analytics of the completeness of the registration flow and feedback.


Research Summary

I conducted interviews, and created empathy maps to understand the users I’m designing for, their thoughts, wants, believes and needs. The primary users are those who has just acquire their pet


These users have troubles registering on the app as to the long process and there is no way for them to continue from where they stopped incase there is an information they don’t have that time. Others have problem with the services these animal shelters offer as there is no lodging services incase they want to travel without their pet. These are the common themes released from the research.

User Pain points

Long Registration Form

This affect the user experience as users get to lose interest in registering the app along the process

Poor Shelter Services

This however doesn’t relate to the registration flow but many users raise the problem when they lodge their pet

Ambiguous payment

The payment fee and process is not straight forward


User Personas

Problem Statement

Olaolu have problem registering his current pet as its too long and the information or not understanding enough. He also don’t like the status of his Dog when lodges it with his local animal shelter

User Journey Map

Site Map

Ideation, Test and Iterate

Paper Wireframes

The idea was to design an easily accessible app that any customer at the restaurant can select menu to order. So the home screen needs to be designed for the user to start the journey process

Digital Mid Fidelity Wireframes & Prototype

Moving from the paper wireframe i digitalize the idea based on the research made to direct the user into registering their pet and to see the list of their pet

Usability Findings

After designing low fidelity wireframes from the round 1 findings, from the round 2 usability studies I received new insights concerning the experience and some decisions

Round 1 findings

  • Users want a way to be able to break down the registration process
  • Users want to be able to save the information to complete later.
  • Users want the shelter to add lodging services

Round 2 findings

  • Users want to have multiple payment options
  • Users want some  additional services 

Mockups and High Fidelity Prototype


After the first design I realized from the usability study that some people have difficulties viewing the texts for duration et al beside the product image, so the 2 major important items user wants are the duration and availability so they were stationed at the top of the picture.

High Fidelity Prototype

The final prototype for the menu preview app after addressing the insights discovered from the Usability studies

Accessibility Considerations

High contracts for people with certain colour blindness
Large texts for some people that have troubles with small letters
Easy navigation and addition of swipe features

Moving Forward



This flow will improve the pet registration flow and help  the animal shelter business owners provide a better service to their customer

What I learned

I realized many people face problems registering their pet and those who lodge their pet with local shelter experience disappointments in the welfare of their pets.

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