CreditStar : Credit Default

Prediction Web App

Project Overview

The product is centered around creating a web app that will predict if a subject will default a credit card payment or not

Client Details

Company: Stutern LTD

Designer: Olawale Adediran, Peace Adejoh, Toluwase Ayenigba

Category: Product Design, SaaS, Fin Tech. Web App

Device: Web app, Web design

Duration: 2 Months

Tools: Figma, Adobe Illustratior, Whimsical, Google docs, Google Survey

Date: May 2021

Project Link

Research Summary

According to Investopedia, a default occurs when a borrower is unable to make, misses, avoids or stops payments.

From our research, we were able to deduce the following:

  • 100% of the population accented to the fact that they have faced the problem of credit defaulters.
  • The prevailing methods of solving this problem are disposing of collateral and summoning the guarantor, and 67% indicated that these methods have not been totally effective.

After validating the problem through user research, 100% of the users indicated interest in a product that would solve their problem in this way, and the willingness to provide the necessary information to use such a product.

The Why:

Financial organization need to know if a user will default a payment or not

The Who:

The users consist of financial managers, loan officers and Data scientists which needs a model and working algorithm to determine their customer’s behavour towards loan and credit card payment

The How:

  • Creation of a platform that enables the financial institution to run the prediction
  • Creation of a platform from which the users can connect to their database to automatically update on the web app

The What:

The users will be able to do the following with the information website and tracking platform:

  • Predict if an applicant will default a payment
  • Send message of response to the applicant
  • Check lists of applicants who submitted through the institution portal
  • Export applicants data

My Role

It was a team work of 3 UI designers so we shared the the task and my role was to design the dashboard Web App as well as the Wireframes and the High Fidelity Prototype. I contributed to the thinking process which include the research, survey and the user personas


User Persona

Stlye Guide

User Story

Onboarding (Sign Up/Sign In)

As a user I would like to

  • sign up and start using the App/Product immediately
  • Create an account if I don’t already have one to help personalize the experience
  • Sign in if I already have an account 
  • Recover Login details if I lost them
  • Learn about the product and what it can do

Home Screen/Dashboard

As a user I would like to:

  • View my profile 
  • See the list of all customers (approved and disapproved)
  • See the list of customers who applied for credit cards
  • See the total number of loans/credit card given out 
  • See the list of customers for credit cards
  • See the list of disapproved customers and why
  • See a chart of customers who might default, compared to those who might not
  • Chat with a customer 
  • Send updates and decisions to customers.
  • See FAQ section to learn how to use the product.
  • Report a bug

Prediction Screen

  • See / provide the necessary customer details for the predictions
  • Obtain a prediction result from the algorithm after providing the required details

Site map

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