Food Timetable App and

Mobile Responsive Website

Project Overview

Designed a Timetable for food that alerts users whenever its time, users can also learn how to prepare meals, the app is programmed to be a balanced diet. I also designed a mobile responsive website for users to download and read the blog

More Details

Company: Waldroid Consult

My Role: Lead UX Designer

Device: Mobile App and Responsive Website

Duration: 6 Months

Tools: Figma, Whimsical, Google docs, Webflow

Date: Sept 2021

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The Problem

Olalekan is a youtuber who is busy with his craft who needs a way to be remembered to eat a balanced meal because he often forget to eat and ends up eating junk which is not good for his health

The goal:

Our app will let users prepare a meal timetable which will affect people who are busy and have difficulties remembering to eat and or eat junk foods by reminding the users when its time and also make the meal they set a balanced diet. We will measure the effectiveness by checking the feedback and also the usage of the website.


Research Summary

I conducted interviews, and created empathy maps to understand the users I’m designing for, their thoughts, wants, believes and needs. The 2 primary users are professionals who have busy schedules and also married people who have to prepare meal for the family and are stuck with what meal to prepare.


The trouble is that these people hit a roadblock while determining which food to eat, some have been advised by a physician to avoid some type of foods and some have problem remembering to eat and they end up going for junks which is not good for health.

User Pain points

People don’t know what to eat when they are hungry
People don’t have proper knowledge of what balanced meal is
The Paper timetable get damaged or lost easily and have no way to notify


User Personas

Problem Statement

Olalekan needs a timetable app because he often forget to eat and end up starving himself or eating junks.

User Journey Map

Site Map

Ideation, Test and Iterate

Paper Wireframes

The idea was to design an easily accessible app that any customer at the restaurant can select menu to order. So the home screen needs to be designed for the user to start the journey process

Digital Mid Fidelity Wireframes & Prototype

Moving from the paper wireframe I  digitalize the idea based on the research made to direct the user into setting up their timetable app

Usability Findings

After designing low fidelity wireframes from the round 1 findings, from the round 2 usability studies I received new insights concerning the experience and some decisions

Round 1 findings

  • Users want to see the date and time on the timetable screen
  • Users don’t know which day of the week is active on the timetable

Round 2 findings

  • Users want to determine if they want a 2 square meal or 3 square meal
  • Users want some tips on how you utilize the app well

Mockups and High Fidelity Prototype


High Fidelity Prototype

The final prototype for the menu preview app after addressing the insights discovered from the Usability studies

Accessibility Considerations

High contracts for people with certain colour blindness
Large texts for some people that have troubles with small letters
Easy navigation and addition of swipe features

Moving Forward


This app will help reduce junk food intake and increase in number of people eating balanced diet to reduce certain illness that arise from eating junk foods. It will also raise awareness for good foods

What I learned

I realised that many people are affected from lack of a working timetable app or something to organize their meal for them.

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