EveryMeal is a Preventive healthcare startup in Nigeria. Its mission is to help people achieve healthy nutrition to fight poor feeding habits.

DATE: Jan 2020

ROLE: Product Designer


How might we encourage people to take balanced meals and on time because they often forget to eat and end up eating whatever is available which is not good for their health.


I conducted interviews, and created empathy maps to understand the users I’m designing for, their thoughts, wants, believes and needs. The 2 primary users are professionals who have busy schedules and also married people who have to prepare meal for the family and are stuck with what meal to prepare.

Pain Points

People don’t know what to eat when they are hungry.

People don’t have proper knowledge of what balanced meal is.

The Paper timetable get damaged or lost easily and have no way to notify.

User Persona


Everymeal will let users have a meal planner which will affect people who are busy and have difficulties remembering to eat and or eat junk foods by reminding the users when its time and also make the meal they set a balanced diet. We will measure the effectiveness by checking the feedback and also the usage of the App.

Information Achitecture


Usability Study

After designing low fidelity wireframes from the round 1 findings, from the round 2 usability studies I received new insights concerning the experience and made some decisions.

Key Findings

Users want to see the date and time on the timetable screen

Users want to determine if they want a 2 square meal or 3 square meal

Users want some tips on how to utilize the app well and a blog.

High- FI Prototype


This app will help reduce junk food intake and increase in number of people eating balanced diet to reduce certain illness that arise from inadequate nutrition. It raised awareness for healthy meal.

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